Varsity 2007-2008


Date: 28-Mar-08
Area: Lunsen
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Organiser: Rob and Boris


Men A: Oxford (04:58:54 to 05:33:44, 4 to count)
Women A: Oxford (03:13:48 to 04:51:35, 3 to count)
Men B: Oxford (04:37:10, Cambridge not enough finishers, 3 to count)
Women B: Oxford (01:53:46, Cambridge not enough finishers, 1 to count)
JOK/DrongO: JOK (05:33:24 to 06:27:45, 3 men, 1 women to count)
Men: Joe Mercer, Oxford
Women: Helen Gardner, Oxford
JOK/DrongO Men: Eric Roller, DrongO
JOK/DrongO Women: Ann Roller, DrongO


Men A8.49   Map Results
Men B6.73   Results
Women A6.73   Results
Women B    Results

Organiser's comments

Rob and Boris thank everyone again for coming and making our work so worthwhile. We had a great time putting the event on. I hope you all had as good a time being here. Thanks also to all those who helped out, some of whom were (not necessarily in order of appearance)... Klara, Göte, Albin, Mandus, Erik, Torun, Teres, Simon, Mikael, Helena, Nisse, Peter, Lasse, m.fl.

Men's race

Oxford took the trophy from Cambridge by a winning margin of 34:50 minutes, with the Cambridge scoring team consisting of Ben Stevens, Chris Williamson, Graeme Ambler and Adam Bennett. The men's race was won by Oxford's Joe Mercer, with Cambridge's Ben Stevens just over two minutes behind in silver position.

Women's race

Oxford were the stronger team this year, taking an Oxford 1-2-3-4 and beating the light blues by just under 100 minutes. The first Cambridge spot was taken by Victoria Stevens, who was joined in the scoring team by Anya Crocker and Clare Sutherland. The overall winner was Helen Gardner of Oxford, with a five minute margin over second placed Anne Edwards.

DrongO-JOK race

In this year's race it was 3 men and 1 woman to count and although the alumni winners were both from DrongO (Eric Roller on men's and Ann Roller on women's), the whole team of Ann, Eric, Mark Collis and Ben Holland were unable to beat the drovers of JOKers who turned up (JOK 333:24, DrongO 387:46).