Varsity 2022-2023


Date: 01-Apr-23
Area: Drabovna
Location: Czech Republic
Organiser: Dan Šafka
Planner: Dan Šafka
Organising Club: DRONGO
Late entries may be accepted but are not guaranteed.
No charge will be made for entries cancelled before 1 March
Contact for organiser:


Men A: Cambridge (03:23:52 to 04:46:20, 4 to count)
Women A: Cambridge (03:12:12, Oxford not enough finishers, 3 to count)
JOK/DrongO: DrongO (02:03:41 to 02:37:29, 3 men, 0 women to count)
Men: James Ackland, Cambridge
Women: Sarah Pedley, Cambridge
JOK/DrongO Men: Paul Pruzina, DrongO
JOK/DrongO Women: Victoria Stevens, DrongO


Men A4100 27 Results
Men B3000 24 Results
Men C1600 15 Results
Women A3000 24 Results
Women B1600 15 Results


Saturday 25th March - Travel out. Accommodation can also be booked for Friday night if it's more convenient for you to arrive a day earlier.
Sunday 26th-Friday 31st March - training in various areas
Saturday 1st April - Varsity Individual, Drabovna (TBC)
Saturday 1st April evening - Varsity Dinner (at the acccommodation)
Sunday 2nd April - Varsity Relay, Slovanka (TBC, snowmelt permitting)
Sunday evening - Travel home. There will likely be space available at the accommodation on Sunday night if you wish to travel home on Monday.


We will be based at Potkavarna u Havrana. The training and VM areas will be a short drive from the accommodation.

Previous map of the Varsity area

As this map gets updated you may need to do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) to view the updated one.


ENTRIES CLOSE 15th DECEMBER. Entries can be cancelled for free until 1st March.

Alumni should enter online by filling in this form. Late entries may be accepted but are not guaranteed as permission to run on sensitive areas is numbers-dependent. If you are in doubt, entering now is not a financial commitment, and you will not be billed for anything as long as you cancel your entry by 1 March.

Students should enter via their club captain.

You will be billed for your entry nearer the time but expected costs for alumni/students are approximately £10/£4 for Varsity, £6/£3 for the relay, £25/£15 for the Saturday night social.


Potkavarna u Havrana will be the main base and official accommodation. This mountain lodge has rooms for between 2 and 9 people (mostly 4-person rooms). There are 41 beds, but extra matresses can be put anywhere on the floor so we are confident that anybody who wants to stay will be able to do so. If you are coming as a family with kids and would like to request a 4-person room for yourselves, please note this on your entry form. We have booked out the entire lodge, although if numbers are smaller towards the start of the week, other people will be allowed to stay there at the same time as us.

700CZK (about £25) per night for full board including all meals apart from the Varsity banquet.


  • Plane: The easiest option is to fly to Prague airport and rent a car. It takes around 1h45 to drive from the airport. Dresden airport in Germany is also an option at 2h30 away, but car hire will be more complicated as you'll be going cross-border.
  • Train: From the UK this takes about 24 hours and there are various complicated routes available. The nearest railway station to the accommodation is Josefuv Dul, but it is likely quicker to get the train to Prague and go by bus from there.
  • Bus from Prague: If not hiring a car there are regular and cheap buses from Prague to Jablonec nad Nisou or Liberec, from where somebody can pick you up. Note that you'll still need a car space to get to most of the training and races though.
  • Car from the UK: It's a big journey but if you've got a day or two spare, it's around 13hours driving time (not including stops) from Calais.
  • Bike: If you work out how to get a bike there, the accommodation has bike storage.