About Varsity

The varsity match is the annual event where Cambridge (CUOC) take on their Oxford equivalent (OUOC). It is one of the highlights of the club calendar.

Scoring System

The winning men's team is the one with the lowest total time when the times of the fastest four runners from the team are added. There are six members in the A team. There is also a B team race with no limit on the number of team members, but the same scoring system. Finally, there is a noncompetitive men's C course aimed at novices.
The women's match is scored similarly, but with three out of a total of five runners to count. Similarly there is a women's B race (if there are enough runners) with three to count.

Detailed Rules

Click here for a detailed copy of the current varsity match rules.

JOK/DrongO Trophy

The varsity match also includes a competition between DrongO and JOK (the ex-Oxford club). There are a maximum of 4 men and 3 women to count (running their respective A courses) with the winner being the team with the lowest total time. However, due to lack of entries the number of counters is usually reduced to the size of the smallest team.