Varsity 2021-2022


Date: 09-Apr-22
Area: Holme Fell
Location: Lake District
Organiser: Anne Edwards
Planner: Scott Collier
Organising Club: JOK
Comments: Controller: Duncan Archer. Relay area: Yewdale, planned by Anne Edwards


Men A: Cambridge (05:13:31 to 06:07:17, 4 to count)
Women A: Oxford (03:06:17, Cambridge not enough finishers, 3 to count)
Men B: Draw (00:00:00 each, 0 to count)
Women B: Draw (00:00:00 each, 0 to count)
JOK/DrongO: DrongO (05:55:43 to 08:48:04, 4 men, 2 women to count)
Men: Peter Molloy, Cambridge
Women: Grace Molloy, Oxford
JOK/DrongO Men: Matthew Vokes, DrongO
JOK/DrongO Women: Pippa Dakin, DrongO


Men A7.457025 Results
Men B5.236018 Results
Men C3.321517 Results
Women A5.236018 Results
Women B3.321517 Results

Full results and photos

See the JOK varsity 2022 page.