Varsity 2013-2014


Date: 05-Apr-14
Area: Hellasgarden
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Organiser: Nick Barrable
Planner: Nick Barrable
Organising Club: JOK


Men A: Oxford (04:21:24 to 04:31:33, 4 to count)
Women A: Cambridge (02:41:47 to 03:59:13, 3 to count)
Men B: Cambridge (06:59:02, Oxford not enough finishers, 3 to count)
Women B: Cambridge (01:13:33, Oxford not enough finishers, 1 to count)
JOK/DrongO: JOK (06:54:38 to 09:11:25, 4 men, 3 women to count)
Men: Matthew Vokes, Cambridge
Women: Katrin Harding, Cambridge
JOK/DrongO Men: Alan Cherry, JOK
JOK/DrongO Women: Helen Gardner, JOK


Men A8.4 15 Map Results
Men B6.8 11 Results
Men C4.2 9 Results
Women A6.8 11 Results
Women B4.2 9 Results

Results Summary

Thanks to Nick for planning some great courses. Oxford won the men's match and took the second and third place, but the course was won with a great run by Matthew Vokes from Cambridge. The overall race was close with only 10 minutes separating the two teams. Cambridge won the women's match and also took the top three places, the winner being Katrin Harding. Cambridge also won the men's B and C races. Unfortunately one of DrongO's star runners, Ben Windows, was injured, so JOK ran away with the alumni match trophy. See the above links for full results.


A lot of photos are available here.


Arrive Thurs
Model Friday (plus Night Event (Grymnatta) people can do 30km away if keen.)
Long Sat - remote start with quarantine, finishing at clubhut.
Relay Sun - from clubhut.
Sun Eve - Black tie formal dinner over road in HG (all being well).
Monday - 3rd VM Hangover Hash run provided by Stockholm H3 members Sir Clever Dick and Sir Malibog
Tues - travel back

Options to come out earlier and stay later for more training/racing.
There is plenty of time to do non-O activities. Club hut is 15 minutes on the bus to central Stockholm. 8 minutes to large shopping area with cinema, bowling, large indoor climbing wall.