Varsity 2012-2013


Date: 02-Mar-13
Area: Tankersley
Location: Sheffield
Organiser: Rachael and Alex Rothman
Planner: Mark Bown
Organising Club: DrongO
Comments: Controller: Jim Elder


Men A: Oxford (05:00:57 to 05:10:38, 4 to count)
Women A: Cambridge (04:08:51 to 05:15:33, 3 to count)
Men B: Cambridge (03:42:55 to 05:20:44, 3 to count)
Women B: Cambridge (01:37:46, Oxford not enough finishers, 1 to count)
JOK/DrongO: JOK (07:12:16 to 07:45:00, 4 men, 1 women to count)
Men: Peter Hodkinson, Oxford
Women: Jessica Mason, Cambridge
JOK/DrongO Men: Ian Webb, JOK
JOK/DrongO Women: Helen Gardner, JOK


Men A11.1 33 Map Results
Men B8.2 28 Results
Men C5.9 18 Results
Women A8.2 28 Results
Women B5.9 18 Results

Results Summary

Mark Bown planned some great courses on Tankersley with concentration required throughout. Oxford won the men's match and took the top three places, the winner being Peter Hodkinson, but Cambridge had some solid runs so that Oxford only won by 9 minutes. Cambridge won the women's match and also took the top three places, the winner being Jess Mason. Cambridge also won the men's B race. See the above links for full results.


Click here for some photos taken by Ian Buxton.


The individual event will be held on Tankersley and the relay will be held on Park Hill and Victoria Quays. Assembly for Day 1 and the accommodation is at Hesley Activity Centre (S35 2YH, this is in walking distance of Chapeltown train station). Assembly for day 2 is South Street Park, next to Sheffield train station.

Final Details and Start Lists

Final details are available here. Provisional start lists are available here.


Guest starts from 11:20.
Varsity Match starts from 12:12.

Mass start for the relay at 10:30.