Varsity 2011-2012


Date: 10-Mar-12
Area: Burnham Beeches
Location: Slough
Organiser: Ruth Holmes and Tim Beale
Planner: Tim Beale
Organising Club: JOK


Men A: Oxford (04:25:33 to 05:43:51, 4 to count)
Women A: Cambridge (03:08:35 to 04:25:18, 3 to count)
Men B: Cambridge (04:18:13 to 05:02:52, 4 to count)
JOK/DrongO: JOK (07:40:14 to 09:18:59, 4 men, 2 women to count)
Men: Peter Hodkinson, Oxford
Women: Mairead Rocke, Cambridge
JOK/DrongO Men: James McMillan, JOK
JOK/DrongO Women: Rachael Holmes, JOK


Men A11.415027 Map Results
Men B8.414022 Results
Men C4.66011 Results
Women A8.414022 Results
Women B4.66011 Results

Results Summary

Everyone enjoyed some excellent courses at Burnham Beeches planned by Tim Beale. The races were fairly one-sided. Oxford won the men's match and took the top three places, the winner being Peter Hodkinson. Cambridge won the women's match and also took the top three places, the winner being Mairead Rocke by over ten minutes, beating all the men's B runners. Cambridge also won the men's B race. Full results are here.


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Ruth Holmes demonstrating the runnability of Burnham Beeches The 2011-2012 Varsity match will take place on the 10th of March 2012 at Burnham Beeches, near Slough in Berkshire. For those who haven’t run on Burnham Beeches before, it is a very runnable forest with plenty of thicket and contour detail - so should make for exciting racing! The Varsity Match and guests course start times will be in the afternoon of Saturday 10th March and will be followed by the usual celebratory dinner, prizegiving and party. Accommodation will provided for all who want it and there will be a fun mixed team relay nearby on Sunday 11th of March at Whippendell Woods .

Final Details

Final details are now available here.

Start Lists

Start lists are now available here.


Accommodation will be provided in Hedgerley memorial hall on sat night and usual fun and games organised.


Tim Beale demonstrating the runnability of Burnham Beeches Organiser's description: Burnham Beeches is looking really good - fast but tricky, so will provide excellent racing, and there will be a few surprises thrown into the planning too!