Harvester Relays

Overnight orienteering relay

Blakeholme, Lake District

Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 June 2017

The UK's answer to the famous Jukola relay

On the night of Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 June 2017, DrongO presents the 39th Havester relays, a 7 or 5 person overnight orienteering relay.

Exciting Lake District terrain

We will be using Blakeholme, runnable deciduous woodland with a wealth of contour detail.

A mixture of night and day legs

About 3 or 4 of the 5 or 7 runners in each team will be running in the dark/twilight, and the rest in the day.


There are trophies for the first team in each class.

GPS tracking

We will have GPS tracking for the leading teams.

Preliminary details

Updated 25-May-17

When and where

Night of Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 June 2017

Blakeholme, Lake District

There is also training for up to 100 people on the Saturday at Great Tower Wood - see below for details.

Timings and race format

The Harvester relays are an overnight orienteering relay race, where each individual in the team runs their leg before handing hover to the next runner. There are either 7 or 5 runners in each team depending on which class you enter. The race will be partly in darkness and partly in daylight (see course details for more information). Accommodation is provided in the form of space to pitch tents nearby. Estimated race timings are as follows.

Classes and courses


Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each of the following classes.

Class Course Legs Entry restrictions
Men's Premier A 7 None
A Handicap A 7 At most 49 handicap points
Women's Premier B 5 All women
Junior B 5 M/W20 or under
Women's Handicap B 5 At most 26 handicap points
B Handicap B 5 At most 26 handicap points

There is also a trophy for the first Small Club on the A course. A Small Club is a club which has not finished in the top 3 on the A course in the last 5 years.

In the event of a team winning more than one class, the trophies will be awarded in the following order, to different teams.
Course A - Men’s Premier, A Handicap, Small Club
Course B - Women’s Premier, Junior, Women’s Handicap, B Handicap

Hanicap points

Each age class is given a hanicap points value as follows.


Course details

These are provisional and subject to change.

Course A
Leg Length Climb Estimated dark/light Estimated start time Estimated winning time
1 Dark 00:00 00:55
2 Dark 00:55 00:40
3 Dark 01:35 01:10
4 Dark 02:45 00:55
5 Twilight 03:40 01:10
6 Light 04:50 00:40
7 Light 05:30 01:20
Total 06:50
Course B
Leg Length Climb Estimated dark/light Estimated start time Estimated winning time
1 Dark 01:30 00:53
2 Dark 02:23 01:15
3 Twilight 03:38 00:44
4 Twilight/light 04:22 00:53
5 Light 05:15 01:15
Total 05:00

All legs on both courses will be gaffled (i.e. individual runners on each leg will run minor variants of the leg). Estimated times are for the leaders and assume a they are all in the same team!

See the British Orienteering Harvester competition rules for further information on eligibility etc.


Entries are now open through Fabian4.

You should enter either course A or course B, and we have also requested on the entry form that you enter the class(es) from the table above that you intend to be eligible for in the special request box. The information collected will be displayed on this page so you can see who you're competing against!

Entry fees

Enter by date Course A teams Course B teams Course A junior or student teams Course B junior or student teams
End of 21-May-17 £56 £40 £26 £20
End of 11-Jun-17 £70 £50 £40 £30
End of 18-Jun-17 £84 £60 £54 £40
SportIdent card hire (electronic chip timing) £1 per person

Teams count as junior or student teams if they have more than half junior or student runners.

Camping is not included in the entry and costs £9 (£6 junior/student) per person for the night.


Blakeholme consists of runnable deciduous woodland with a wealth of contour detail. A previous map of the area can be found here (Blakeholme is the northern part). Longer courses may venture into the southern part of the area.

Parking, camping and changeover


Please drop your passengers off at camping before parking, following the suggested one-way system (TBC). There will be a 2km walk through the area from parking to camping (please keep to the path). Parking space will be limited so please car share as mush as possible.

Parking is on a well-surfaced forest road at the south end of the area. There is a small car-park at the end so we can probably accommodate large vehicles, but please contact us if you intend to bring a large minibus or larger so we can ensure there is space.


Camping is in a gently sloping farmer's field at the north end of Blakeholme. Sheep are present in surrounding fields so dogs are strictly not allowed.

There will be a drop-off point on Birks Road, approximately 800m from camping (exact location TBC), where drivers should drop off their passengers and any kit they want carried to camping. We will be offering a limited kit tranfer service from drop-off to camping (by foot, so it is limited!) if yor passengers can't carry all your kit. Alternatively you can carry your kit from parking, which is a 2km walk.

The route from drop-off to camping passes close to a cottage whose residents do not want to be disturbed. Please stick to the marked route and try to be quiet. Annoying the residents may jeopardise the event.


There is no vehicle access to the camping field (except for a few helper cars) so we cannot accommodate campervans there. We can probably accommodate campervans at the parking. However, this is a 2km walk from camping, toilets and changeover. Please contact us if you intend to bring a campervan.


Changeover will be within 400m of camping, in an open area just outside the wood with spectacular views (when it's light!). We are hoping to provide an exciting spectator experience for the run-out and the last couple of controls and finish (TBC).

Changeover will also include download, live results with radio control data and GPS tracking.


Please email harvester@drongo.org.uk for any enquiries.



Saturday training

When and where

Saturday 24 June, 2pm - 5pm. Do not arrive before 2pm.

Great Tower Wood, LA23 3PQ, Lake District. This is within a few hundred meters of the drop-off point for the Harvester camping.


Cost: £4/person (£3 for land access, £1 for map royalties and printing)

Entry limit: 100 (first come, first served)

Enter by ordering maps at the same time as entering the Harvester via Fabian 4 (there is an option on the entry form). This is to ensure we adhere to the strict limit of 100 entrants. Teams that entered before this option was available may update their entry.


We will be offering a simple and informal open training session at Great Tower to allow competitors to stretch their legs in some technical terrain ahead of the Harvester Relays.

A single course with loops part way round will be available of total length of around 3.5km / 230m climb, but possible to cut down to ~2.0km if the loops are missed out. We will have a handful of spare blank maps if you want to go further! You must sign in and out as you head off for your training. No official timing will be carried out.

Please car share as parking will be tight - no single drivers please! Please do not arrive before 2pm, controls will be collected in from 5pm.